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The Mingling of Justice and Grief

 As I sat with a friend, following Monday afternoon's court proceedings, we both explained mixed feelings in regard to the outcome of a case involving our friend and former church secretary.  Amidst the sounds of basketball commotion and fan chatter, our conversation volleyed back and forth in sync with the ball on the court.  We remained unable to tuck away the rough edges in our minds or wash our hands clean of it two years later.  Even though, as citizens, we lend support to a code of order, there is still the dilemma of what to do with the heart in the aftermath.  What about the thing that beats in our chests, that makes us human? How does resolution come to rest there in that sacred space after consequences satisfy the law? If our hearts beat in time with our maker's, we feel the pain when someone we know is taken away in handcuffs. Whether the ending is right or the resolution is just, it doesn't necessarily offer consolation or peace.  Sin causes loss..loss causes us

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