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Even As We Are Breaking

 I have stopped counting how many funerals there have been My husband knows If death was quantified by this weighty heart that I am heaving around I suppose that would be just as accurate a sum I started this year breathing Just in and Just out Taking things as they come Let me walk at my own pace No sudden jolts Please no more sharp curves It's almost another 365 days of spinning on the earth Even my bones are tired The disappointment, the angst, the changes, the goodbyes, the loss, the deaths, the news, the violence, the wars and then again, and again, and again My strategy: wrapping my arms around what is in front of me and believing that God is still good Enough of shaming, it's all we do.  My hard and your hard are both hard. We all have hearts that need mending and intellects trying to untangle answers I understand this much Funerals have taught me well in two years about legacies, about love, about grieving together, about the word: with , and the word: without I have le

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