This is a short introduction to get us caught up if you are new here: My name is Heather. I am not young, but I am not old. 18 years ago I married my husband. The longer we are together the more I realize how different we are, but how essential that is to mechanics. We are stitched together and fit just right in each others' hands. Our four children span ages 7-15, the youngest being a girl, and the three eldest boys.

9 years ago we tore our roots from a tough city neighborhood that we loved for 10 years and moved to a small town holding a handful of people bound together with enormous community pride. My husband is a pastor, but our faith background involves many different places here and overseas. For this reason, we have learned to keep our ears tuned to God, and to keep our feet from turning to cement. Our heart's desire is to be wherever He wants to use us.

Writing is not something new to me, but my previous blog ran its course and puttered out. So, I cut it loose and started over. Welcome to my little space in the world where I am breaking down life into words that slowly come back together—bones, tendons, flesh to body breathing out these stories and essays. Thank you for reading them and joining me.


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